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Attend Design Meetings

Application for a Construction Work Permit

Emergency Preparedness

Compiling Project Baseline Risk Assessments

Incident Investigations

Evacuation Diagrams

Compiling Health and Safety Specifications

Full Operational Inspections

Our Vision Statement:


It’s not always that simple, is it? Simple takes time. Simple takes knowledge and experience. Simple takes someone who is able to wade through the complicated and make sense of it all. That someone is us at Cairnmead. Because we know that, no matter how complex the challenge, it’s the simplicity of the outcome that matters.

We take the complicated world of construction and operational health and safety and make it simple. For you. Using our knowledge, our experience and our hard-won insight into the industry, we advise, guide and implement safety procedures and standards to create a world where people, simply, feel safe – in their work, in their schools, while out shopping. Because once you’ve experienced an elegant solution that simply works, anything more is not enough.

Why we do it

When you build a new house, you must build a railing around the edge of its flat roof. That way you will not be considered guilty of murder if someone falls from the roof - Deuteronomy 22:8

We have over 34 years of experience

We share our knowledge to the advantage of your business.

Your health and safety is our priority

We’re driven to make your site safe from incidents that could affect your business from continuing as normal.

Our staff are highly trained, experienced and proactive

We drive knowledge, understanding and solutions through simplicity.

Customer satisfaction

Our clients’ satisfaction is very important to us – let our projects speak for themselves.

A world that’s simply safe

We make construction and operational health and safety simple to apply, follow and maintain for our clients.

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