Cement Hazards

9th May 2023
Toolbox Talk - Waste Management
Ladder Storage & Handling
Electrical Tools, Equipment & Appliances
Electrical Distribution Boards
Toolbox Talk - Accidental Amputations
Construction of Roofs
Toolbox Talk - Asbestos

Toolbox Talk – Asbestos

16th March 2023
MTT - Stage 1 - 3
MTT - First Aid
Monday Tech Talk - Dangerous Goods
Fall Protection Plan

Fall Protection Plan

7th March 2023
Toolbox Talk - Fall Restraint Vs Fall Arrest
Unsafe Conditions
Toolbox Talk - TREC Cards

Toolbox Talk – TREC CARD

21st February 2023
Transport of Dangerous goods

Transport of Dangerous Goods

21st February 2023
Toolbox Talk - How to Perform Heimlich Manoeuvre
Toolbox Talk - Unsafe Acts

Toolbox Talk – Unsafe Acts

7th February 2023
TBT - Power Lines & You
Monday Tech Talk - Safety Distances
Monday Tech Talk - Wind Speeds & Crane Safety
Heat Stress

Toolbox Talk – Heat Stress

25th January 2023
Toolbox Talk - Back to work

Toolbox Talk – Arrive Alive

14th December 2022

Toolbox Talk – IP Ratings

1st December 2022

First Aid Levels

23rd November 2022
How to perform CPR
Toolbox Talk - Traffic Management
Thumbnail Lifts & Escalators

Lifts & Escalator Requirements

8th November 2022
Accident Factors Thumbnail
Toolbox Talk Hygiene

Toolbox Talk – Hygiene

1st November 2022
Emergency Team
Bund Walls
Gas Thumbnail
Preparing for an emergency
Silly Season Thumbnail

Toolbox Talk – Silly Season

25th October 2022
Falling Objects Thumbnail
LPG Thumbnail

LPG Precautions & Installation

11th October 2022
Ergonomic Thumbnail

Toolbox Talk – Ergonomics

11th October 2022
Room Height Requirements Thumbnail
Complaint Stair Requirements Thumbnail
Vibration Exposure Thumbnail
Thumbnail - Cable Management
Toolbox Talk - Scaffolding Requirements Thumbnail
Scaffolding precautions Thumbnail

Scaffolding Safety Precautions

27th September 2022
Safety Circle

Toolbox Talk – Safety Circle

21st September 2022
Types of Hazard Confined Spaces
Confined Spaces

Toolbox Talk – Confined Spaces

13th September 2022
Construction Piling
Blind Spots
Material Handling
MEWPS Thumbnail
Safe use of a man cage
Architecture History
Tech Talk - Blasting
Toolbox Talk - Blasting Requirements
Celebrating Women in Construction & Architecture
Toolbox Talk - Reoccurrence of Incidents
The Minimum Requirements for a Tower Crane Erection
Toolbox Talk - Incident Reporting
Toolbox Talk - Tower Crane Anatomy
Evacuation Diagrams Design Requirements
Building Shafts & Open Holes
Construction Tool SORT
The Timeline of Covid 19
Toolbox Talk - Duties of employees at work
Roof Works
Environmental Regulations
Monday Tech Talk - Wayleave
Injuries on Construction Sites
Demo Work
Evacuation Drill Thubnail
Heavy Machines
Toolbox Talk - Electrical Grinder
Toolbox Talk - PPE
Rope Access
Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

4th May 2022
Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

28th April 2022
Avoid Fires on Site Thumbnail
Toolbox Talk - Working at Heights Signage
Toolbox Talk - Working at Heights
Use of a Fire Extinguisher
Excavation Safety
How to wear a safety harness
Toolbox Talk - Housekeeping
Working At Heights
Confined Spaces Thumbnail
Toolbox Talk - Edges & Openings
Cover Health & Safety Officer
Monday Tech Talks - Tilt Up
Cover Image - Facilities
Monday Tech Talk - Sick Building Syndrome
Cover Image - Monday Tech Talk Diving Regulations
Cover Image - Fire Escape Plan
School Safety - Class dismissed

How to play it safe for summer

9th November 2021
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