This Monday’s Tech Talk focused on Contractor Management. Under Construction Regulations 7, the duties of a principal contractor are outlined as follows: when appointing any other contractor, the principal contractor is obligated to take necessary measures to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act. This includes providing contractors with the client health and safety specification, ensuring that contractors have made adequate provisions for health and safety in the tender, and verifying that the contractor possesses the required competencies and resources. These responsibilities aim to promote a safe working environment and uphold the standards set forth in the Act.

Legal Requirement

Construction Regulations 7. Duties of principle contractor

(1) A principal contractor must-

(c) On appointing any other contractor, in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act-

i. Provide contractors with the client health & safety specification.

ii. Ensure contractors made sufficient provisions for health and safety in the tender.

iii. Ensure the contractor has necessary competencies and resources.

iv. Ensure contractor has compensation fund.

v. Appoint each contractor in writing

vi. Take reasonable steps to ensure contractors safety plan is implemented (accordance to section 2.a).

vii. Conduct Monthly Audits.

viii. Stop any work not done in accordance with client specification or poses a threat to the health and safety of  a person.

ix. Where there is a change in the design or construction, provide sufficient information regarding health & safety.

x. Discuss, negotiate and approve the health and safety plan for implementation.


Contractor Management Steps to Follow

There are four management steps that should be considered for contractor management. These steps include planning, provide requirements, managing contractors and site close out. Planning includes selecting a contractor and it is required that the principal contractor must ensure the contractor has made sufficient provisions for health and safety in their tenders. Safety should be a separate item and not be made part of the works. Contractor with reasonable amount allowed for in the tender should be considered. Vetting contractors indicates that contractors should be vetted to ensure they have the competencies and resources to do the work i.e. steel erectors. Discuss requirements in tender meetings and resources required. Request prove of competencies before selecting contractors.

Appointing a contractor entails that at tender stage the client specification must be provided to the contractors, however additional requirements and terms will be set once a contractor has been appointed and agreements is signed i.e. meeting attendance, audit attendance percentage requirements etc. Contractors must be informed of these additional requirements. These requirements, standards and penalties must be mentioned in the agreements. Approving a file forms also part of this step, the health and safety plan should be discussed, negotiated and approved prior to work. Contractor should be given a reasonable period to develop their health & safety file and submit the file no less then 2 weeks prior to start date to provide enough time for revisions and adjustments for approval. Contractors should under no circumstances be allowed to start working prior to approval of the file. Once a contractor has started work it’s difficult to get the file compliant.

Step 3 includes managing contractors and the principle contractor must stop any work that is in contravention with the client health and safety spec. The principle contractor must also take reasonable steps to ensure the contractors safety plan is implemented.

The final step covers close out, as per the SACPCMP 6 stages of construction, the 6th stage requires client agent to conduct a close out audit and site hand over. Documents must be archived as per requirements.

This Monday’s Tech Talk covered the topic of Contractor Management and all the necessary requirements.

Presented by: Stephen Friend

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