The topic for this Monday Tech Talk is Mobile Plant. Construction Vehicles & Mobile Plant, means a vehicle used as a means of conveyance for transporting persons or materials, or persons and material, on and off the construction site for the purpose of performing construction Works.

A contractor has the responsibility to ensure the safety of individuals within a construction site. Firstly, they must ensure that no person rides, or is compelled or allowed to ride, on any construction vehicle or mobile plant unless there is a designated safe area provided for that purpose. This is crucial to prevent accidents or injuries caused by unauthorized riding. Secondly, the contractor must organize the construction site in a manner that prioritizes safety and minimizes risks to health. This involves arranging the site layout in a way that allows pedestrians and vehicles to move safely and without danger. Additionally, the traffic routes within the site must be suitable for the individuals, construction vehicles, or mobile plants using them. These routes should be adequately positioned, sized, and in sufficient numbers to accommodate the necessary movement while maintaining safety standards. By adhering to these guidelines, the contractor ensures a safer working environment for all involved.

In addition to the previous responsibilities, a contractor must also ensure the proper implementation of traffic route indicators. When necessary, suitable signs should be installed to clearly indicate the designated traffic routes within the construction site. This helps to prevent confusion and enhance the overall safety of vehicular movement. Furthermore, the contractor must take appropriate measures when construction vehicles and mobile plants are left unattended at night, particularly when they are located near public roads or ongoing construction areas. To identify the location of these vehicles or plants and minimize potential hazards, they should be equipped with suitable lights or reflectors. Alternatively, barricades with appropriate lights or reflectors can be used. These measures are crucial in ensuring visibility and preventing accidents or collisions, both for the safety of workers within the site and for the general public using nearby roads.

Mobile plants can be dangerous if not managed or used correctly.

Presented by: Marius Boshoff

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