This toolbox talk is mainly providing safety tips to “arrive alive”, especially over the December holidays.

Every builders’ break towards Christmas, students and employees nationally are driving home from different destinations, and workers will be flooding different roads nationally heading to their home provinces. People are bound to be excited because it’s festive times and moreover to meet their families becomes a drive to overlook conditions of the road. Because of the long drive, people turn to break the rules of the traffic act and try to spice up a bit by drinking intoxicating beverages, speeding to cut time, and overlooking road signs to arrive quicker. 

Neglecting driving responsibility is a dangerous act and kills, and therefore we need to be calm and be cognizance of the following: 

  • a). Your life matters the most and we want you to arrive at your destination safely.
  • b). Your family is calmly waiting for your arrival to enjoy the holidays together, don’t be full. Obey the rules of the road.
  • c). Don’t be stupid and ignore safety on your way back home. If you do, your chances to join 2023 on the project are too slim.

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