This toolbox talk is focused on going back to work after a December holiday. Managing safety after the holidays can be a big task. Spending time with family and friends is great for having a healthy work-life balance. Sometimes it takes them a little while to get back to the basics of working safely. When restarting equipment and restarting tasks, people may not have their minds 100% on the job and they get themselves or others hurt.

Before starting work, we should stop and review our job tasks and plans. The job site may not be in the same state it was when you left it. We have to review our plans, tools, equipment and team members to ensure we can restart work safely.

Why is the first day back at work more dangerous?

There is likely a multitude of reasons. But some research indicates that Mondays and days returning from a holiday in many cases have a high incident rate. A lack of focus or attention are major factors.  

Some reasons may include:

  • Lower energy or morale
  • Personal matters from the holiday creating additional stress or distraction
  • Hectic or busier coming back from the holiday

Take a few steps to prevent injuries on the first day back:

  • Make sure you are fit for work before you start your shift
  • Ensure you can focus on your work and the task at hand
  • Complete inspections of your work area, tools and equipment
  • Take the time to make sure all necessary safeguards are in place
  • Look out for your co-workers
  • Be prepared to stop work if there are hazards that need to be addressed

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