Topic Discussed: Edges and Openings

Edges and manholes must be barricaded to acceptable standards; effective barricades should not serve as a warning but also as physical restraint, to prevent people from falling into openings and excavations or off the end of drop off edges.

  • All physical barriers in the form of edge protection must be fitted at 500mm and 900mm, these are known as knee rails and hand rails
  • Decks edges must be fitted with a physical barrier to prevent falling, knee and hand rails, this may include toe boards to prevent equipment falling to a lower level
  • Provide handrails to all ramps and walkways, good practice is to provide knee rails as well to prevent wheelbarrows and other equipment falling off the sides of the ramp
  • Excavations must be barricaded securely all the way around, this must be a physical barrier to prevent people, materials and equipment from falling into the excavations
  • All edges, openings, excavations and possible fall hazards must be well sign boarded and workers and the public must be made aware of the risks of the areas affected
  • Good supervision must be present at all times on site and safety discipline must be enforced to prevent accidents happening.

It is the responsibility of management and supervisors to ensure that working conditions are made as safe as possible for you, the worker and for members of the public. This is why we put up physical barriers and signage in high risk areas.

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