Meet the emergency team in today’s toolbox talk. In our workplace, ensuring the safety of every individual is of paramount importance, and the members of this team play a pivotal role in achieving that goal. Today, we will delve into their responsibilities, their role in emergency situations, and the importance of their swift and coordinated actions. Let’s learn more about the dedicated individuals who stand ready to guide us to safety when seconds count.

First Aiders

First aiders should ensure the first aid boxes are inspected and records kept on file. Inspection includes contents of the first aid box, signage to indicate its location, and the name and contact number of the person responsible for the box should be displayed on the box. First aiders should be clearly identifiable. It is recommended that a green vest or similar is used.

Emergency Coordinators

Schedule and chair the quarterly emergency preparedness meetings with the emergency structure – evacuation coordinators, fire marshals and first aiders. Oversee First aiders, firefighters, and evacuation coordinators to ensure adequate emergency preparedness and response in the event of an emergency. Ensure all parts of the Emergency Procedures or Plan are implemented and applied. Ensure the alarm/siren system is always maintained and ready for use. Set a date and time for the emergency evacuation drill and to sound the alarm.

Evacuation Officers

Should conduct inspections on all walkways and escape routes to ensure they are always kept free from obstruction. Should ensure sufficient signage is displayed and maintained to indicate the location and direction of the escape routes where appropriate. Should be clearly identifiable; recommended a yellow vest or similar. To familiarise themself with the procedures to activate and operate the alarm system/warning system/siren, etc.


Firefighters should inspect all firefighting equipment to ensure they are always ready for use and sufficient signage is displayed to indicate the location and direction of firefighting equipment. Firefighters should be clearly identifiable during an evacuation drill. It is recommended to use a red vest or similar.

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