This weeks Toolbox Talk focuses on scaffolding identification tags. Scaffold identification tags are crucial in establishing a secure working environment for individuals on scaffolds. By utilising scaffold tags, the employer ensures compliance with safety regulations and safeguards the workers’ lives. These tags effectively communicate essential information regarding the safe usage of scaffolds, contributing to a safer workplace.

Tag Unit Characteristics:

  • Aluminum Tag Holder.
  • 3 Vinyl Stickers – Safe use, Unsafe Notice and and Inspector Register Card.
  • Personalise sticker – The vinyl stickers can be personalised by including a company logo.

It is a clear reminder for workers to use scaffolding safely and adhere to protocols.
Providing a scaffold inspection record tag, they offer peace of mind by documenting adherence to safety measures.

It’s important to make sure that your Scaffold areas remain safe with Scaffold Safety Tags. Scaffolding can be extremely dangerous due to their height and workers above.

Download the full Toolbox Talk document on Scaffolding Identification Tags below: