This toolbox talk is focused on silly season. This time of the year more work-related incidents tend to occur. We often refer to this time of the year as the silly season. A time when we sometimes let our guard down, have fun and think of the builders’ break ahead. This is the time when year-end functions take place, and we tend to relax on-site safety.

The big countdown is on as we head into the Silly Season. Not only is there an increase in fun activities, but there is also usually an increase in the number of injuries, accidents, and mishaps.

There are several reasons for this infamous “silly season”; Increased Social Activity + Increased Stress = Decreased Risk Perception

For companies and employees on the road, this time of the year means higher risks on our roads due to speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, more vehicles on the roads and drivers not understanding how a vehicle performs in certain conditions because of route changes and wet road conditions.

The festive season means crazy deadlines and often long hours. There is a rise in workplace accidents when people rush to meet deadlines.

Important to remember.

  • Remind your employees to get everything done in time, but safely.
  • Ask your employees not to cut corners and stick to safety protocols.
  • Give temporary staff proper induction to get them up to speed and avoid injury.

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