This toolbox talk topic is focused on a Skid Steer Loaders. A skid loader, also known as a skid-steer loader (SSL) or skid-steer, belongs to a category of compact heavy machinery featuring lift arms capable of connecting to various buckets and other efficient tools or attachments.

What is a skid steer loader?

The skid steer is named for its steering method — right-side wheels are controlled by a joystick
in the operator’s right hand for forward and reverse motion, while the left side is managed by a joystick for the corresponding movements.

Operating Safely

  • Operate the loader exclusively from the operator’s compartment—avoid external operation.
  • Maintain a seated position while manipulating loader controls.
  • Ensure the seat belt is secured and the restraint bar is in place during operation.
  • Keep arms, legs, and head inside the cab while using the loader.
  • Opt for level ground when loading, unloading, and turning, whenever possible.
  • Enhance stability by traveling and turning with the bucket in the lowest position.
  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended load capacity; never exceed it.
  • Restrict operation to stable surfaces only.
  • Avoid traversing slopes; move straight up or down with the heavy end uphill.
  • Always face the direction of travel for optimal control.
  • Maintain a safe work area by keeping bystanders at a distance.
  • NEVER alter or bypass safety devices—follow manufacturer guidelines rigorously.

Entering and Exiting from the Loader Safely

  • Only enter when the bucket or attachment is flat on the ground or when lift-arm supports are engaged.
  • Utilize supports provided or endorsed by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid using foot or hand controls as steps or handholds.
  • Ensure all walking and working surfaces are free from debris. Before leaving the operator’s seat:
    • Lower the bucket or attachment flat to the ground.
    • Engage the parking brake.
    • Turn off the engine.
  • In case exiting through the front is not possible, use the emergency exit located on the roof or at the back.

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