This toolbox talk will discuss unsafe acts that can occur on construction sites. Unsafe acts are performed when employees fail to abide by safety rules and protocols. These actions include fighting, horseplay, or performing a job without the necessary personal protective equipment. Unsafe acts are extremely dangerous and contribute to numerous incidents. Unsafe conditions are any condition or situation (electrical, chemical, biological, physical, mechanical and environmental) which increases the risks and dangers of accidents can be called as unsafe conditions.

Unsafe acts are irresponsible and will eventually lead to incidents and accidents in the workplace. They can include not paying attention to what you are doing, taking shortcuts, or using equipment improperly.

It is important to be aware of these risks and take precautions to avoid unsafe acts. Most accidents are caused when unsafe acts are combined with unsafe conditions. But even if the conditions are safe, an unsafe act can still lead to an accident.

It’s so important to be aware of the unsafe acts that can lead to accidents and to make sure you’re always working safely.

Some examples of unsafe acts that can lead to accidents:

  • Not paying attention to what you’re doing
  • Taking shortcuts/rushing working activities
  • Using equipment improperly
  • Horseplaying                                     

Studies indicates that over 80% of industrial incidents worldwide can be attributed, either wholly or partially, to human errors. There can be various reasons for incidents in workplaces. Also, behind every incident there can be a reason which can be either due to unsafe act by workers or unsafe condition.

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